All I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die.

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Hi guys. I’ll be back after the honeymoon.

Be well.

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Fully cuffed.

Fully cuffed.


Issa Spring 2015

A good designer will stray just outside of what is expected while staying true to themselves and making the potential customer swoon. It is a delicate balancing act, one that Blue Farrier of Issa has done well. Carrying on the modern art vibes we see a good variety of silhouettes that give us “art show opening” sexiness. The animals print is cool but I much prefer the abstraction of the rendered floral to fit the simple wittiness of the pieces. You could find me in Chelsea next summer spending too much time at the free wine galleries in any of these thoughtful ensembles…

For me Simone Rocha is best when most daring.

SImone Rocha Spring 2015

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