All I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die.

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Saint Laurent Fall 2013

Well. I don’t know guys. I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. First that confusing Givenchy collection and now this. The big houses have me perplexed this season and have me questioning my own standards of taste. As someone trying to literally be a part of the fashion world (currently far, far, on the outskirts sitting in my fifteen dollar denim) I would be a real ass if I pretended like I was a complete expert on high fashion. I am a huge Slimane fan as well as a fan of the house formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent. I thought Spring was beautiful and instantly started wearing my big black hat religiously. That being said, this collection kind of breaks my heart. I get grunge. As someone who gravitates toward not giving a hell most of the time, I get it as a fashion concept. But Courtney Love isn’t grunge. Or fashion grunge. These models look like the girls at house parties who can barely make it to the bathroom in time, much less walk straight, but will still give you a dirty look when they come out. Its like Slimane is encouraging this trend of gutter kids to wear terrible clothing and be cyber punks while pretending their look is based in originality. I just don’t understand this transition. From expensive to thrift store trashy. I get most of my wardrobe from thrift stores and it looks more tasteful than this. The coats are nice and some dresses are fine but when it comes down to it none of these looks are interesting. If you do one thing for your audience at least have them interested. I mean no disrespect to the house or Hedi but I just find this disappointing. I know more greatness will come from this new Saint Laurent attempt to draw in a younger following but I think this was the wrong direction in which to go about it. I’m just relieved to not see a teddy bear backpack. 

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