All I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die.

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As a veteran retail slave I can tell you how important teleporting someone from the mall into your soft, pretty, shopping oasis is for mainstream lines. No one, NO ONE, is better at whisking me away from the hell hole that is my mall of employment than Club Monaco. You could be whistling the Deliverance song in the middle of nowhere but if you walk into a Club Monaco in the middle of that swamp it’s like you’re on 5th Ave. Have I made my point? Every one of their stores I’ve been in feels like a flagship. They are merchandising masters making each piece feel like woven gold. Lighting, props, layout, smells, everything in semiotics lines up. A true mastering of an art I scarcely find alive in middle America malls these days. I digress their pieces are smart. They appeal to the Madewell girl, the sophisticated Bebe girl (if such things exist), and the Saks girl. This collection speaks to the continuation of high fashion minimalism and petite floral trends we saw for spring. While I am used to neutrals and pastels from CM its really exciting to see this kind of saturation. Find me stalking that sale rack in the back of the store. Proudly. 

  1. geraldaisy said: Sadly, the Club Monaco I work at looks nothing like a flagship store. We’re probably the smallest one. I am excited to see how the new collection does.
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