All I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die.

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Rick Owens Spring 2014

Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m a tad uncomfortable. Now I get it okay, I get the statement, I get the “art” part, and the non-conformist part, I’ll never understand Rick Owens but like is it just me or does this feel a little exploitive? I feel like this is so contrived in the face of claims of racism and body shaming in fashion. Make a statement, by all means..but don’t make it for the sake of shock value associated with your own name. I don’t think Rick really has anything important to say about fashion here and I don’t think theres even anything of value in his suggestions, I see the show as vapid and in poor taste. Instead of throwing stuff like this onto runways how about we make real sustainable changes to the industry that reverse the shallowness that it continues, relentlessly, to emit?

  1. theoupskitchen said: if large, muscular black dancers dancing is so ‘shocking’ to you and so many other people who follow fashion, i think rick owens made his point perfectly.
  2. hellobeatrice said: This is so ugly. I’m going to put all my Rick Owens stuff on eBay. We’re broken up now
  3. callhersavage said: woooooooordddd.
  4. blackleatherpout said: see i thought that way too until i realized that these women had a right to represent themselves. these are professional step dancers and these women are potentially asking the industry to make those EXACT sustainable changes you’re talking about.
  5. poweroffailing said: tru
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